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Your honeymoons can be studded with loads of exhilarating activity and this is why honeymoon activity has become a very interesting and important topic among honeymooners. Really and seriously, honeymoon activity in India looms large with an array of newly weds actively and enthusiastically taking part in their sporty adventures and explorations. Whether it is visiting the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and enjoying the marine tour by taking a dive into the waters or whether it is climbing up the lofty peaks of the mountains at the hill stations, everything of this sort enriches your Indian honeymoon activity. Places like Havelock as well as rich spots such as Lakshadweep contributes a lot to your adventure honeymoon in India, since at these places the adventure of scuba diving raises your sporty spirit. You can also plan to sift through the desert regions of Rajasthan or else you can head towards the hill stations such a Rishikesh to forget yourself in the sport of river rafting. Apart from this, you can choose a wildlife honeymoon in India in order to get completely stunned by the happening wildlife.


Honeymoon activity in North India mainly takes you to the domains of the Great Himalayas that are more than perfect and captivating for those who are fond of trekking.  Imagine trekking over the hill slopes and trying to come closer to the drawing peaks of the magnificent mountains. In North India, you have Rishikesh, where the adventurous river rafting in the waters of River Ganges is considered to be a much enjoyed honeymoon activity in India. The amazing speed of the rushing water of River Ganges offer a number of sporty opportunities to adventure freaks. Honeymooners can also enjoy staying together in camps in the vicinity of which you behold splendid valleys as well as rivers. And all this adds extra amount of adventure to your adventure honeymoon in India.


 You can also go to Darjeeling in order to bask in that entire honeymoon activities in West India have in store for you. In Darjeeling, you can reach the famous places like Sandakphu or Rimbik to experience magic of the mountain sports. And as you do this, you come across the breathtaking sights of amazing peaks named as Makalu as well as Kanchenjunga peaks. Apart from Darjeeling, you can also steer your way towards Kalimpong, where trekking is a much loved adventure. The spectacular Neora Valley as well as the beautiful Kurseong Hills provides real delight to trekkers. The thick forests and magnificent mountains tickle the fancy of the honeymooners as they enjoy trekking together. Similar kind of sports and honeymoon activities in East India also contribute a lot in drawing your interest and yearning for having a honeymoon in India. So, do make it a point to let your India honeymoon tour packages have all the joys of what we call Indian honeymoon activity. In this way, you will succeed in making your honeymoon unique and different from that of other honeymooners.




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