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The desert state of India, Rajasthan, is a best major Desert Honeymoon Destination in India. The vast expanse of desert in various hues till your eyes goes, green and blue of oasis, majestic forts, princely palaces, handsome havelis, well stocked museums and glorious history of Rajasthan are the factors for people to decide for Honeymoon in Rajasthan. Comfortable accommodation facilities ranging from budget hotels to luxurious heritage hotels, well-developed transport facility, good connectivity from one city to another and convenient location from North India are the major positive factors for Honeymoon in Rajasthan.

Visit the beautiful palaces to get an insight into the lavish lifestyle of the brave Rajputs, explore the mighty forts to know about fortification and security, see the beautiful decoration on extant havelis and study the museums to get detailed information about the history of Rajasthan on Honeymoon in Rajasthan. Enjoy boat rides on beautiful lakes, seek blessings at various temples, get the joys of elephant rides and indulge in adventure of camel safaris on Honeymoon in Rajasthan. Get into the mood of romance after learning about fairy tales like love stories of some of the kings, queens, princes and princess on your Honeymoon in Rajasthan.

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